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5 Tips When Buying a Newly Constructed Home

Nov 06, 2018
The lack of existing inventory for sale has forced many homebuyers to begin looking at new construction. When you b [more]
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2 Myths Holding Back Home Buyers

Nov 05, 2018
Urban Institute recently released a report entitled, “Barriers to Accessing Homeownership: Down Payment, Credit, an [more]
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The Difference an Hour Will Make This Fall [...

Nov 02, 2018
Every Hour in the US Housing Market: 596 Homes Sell 278 Homes Regain Positive Equity Median Home Values Go Up $1. [more]
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How Will Home Sales Measure Up Next Year?

Nov 01, 2018
There are many questions about where home sales are headed next year. We have gathered the most reliable sources to [more]
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Taking Fear Out of the Mortgage Process

Oct 31, 2018
A considerable number of potential buyers shy away from jumping into the real estate market due to their uncertaint [more]
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Are You Spending TOO Much on Rent?

Oct 30, 2018
Chances are if you are renting you are spending too much of your income on your monthly housing expense. There is a [more]
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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Here’s Why Yo...

Oct 29, 2018
With home prices on the rise and buyer demand still strong, some sellers may be tempted to try and sell their homes [more]
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Buying a Home Can Be Scary… Until You Know t...

Oct 26, 2018
Some Highlights: Many potential homebuyers believe that they need a 20% down payment and a 780 FICO® score to quali [more]
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Where are Home Values Headed over the Next F...

Oct 25, 2018
There are many questions about where home prices will be next year as well as where they may be headed over the nex [more]
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Still Think You Need 15-20% Down to Buy a Ho...

Oct 24, 2018
According to a new study from Urban Institute, there are over 19 million millennials in 31 cities who are not only [more]
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Housing Is Still Affordable in the United St...

Oct 23, 2018
Lately, there have been many headlines circulating about whether or not there is an “affordability issue forming in [more]
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Will Home Prices Continue to Increase?

Oct 22, 2018
There are many unsubstantiated theories about what is happening with home prices. From those who are worried that p [more]
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